The Girl on Fire

To put it simply, my life has been a chase after something as elusive as love. And now, I just decided to end it, once and for all. 

Gone will be the days when I would spend time crying over spilled milk. The people who turned their backs away from me are either not as loyal as I expected them to be, or they do not really appreciate my existence. Worse, it could be both. I ended up as a heap of careless sacrifice on one corner when I tried my best to burn and shine brighter for people who ended up leaving not even their prints as they left.

I am tired of burning myself to light up the skies of others who cannot appreciate my psychedelic outbursts. You see, I am a tempest, a whirling hurricane of lights but not everyone wanted my show. I am an abomination. I just cannot belong.

So now, I am packing up and setting my rocket. I will go somewhere not even the chains from the lives of the people who abandoned me cannot bind me. In the outerspace not owned by any man, I can show off my deadly horrible flares people tried to extinguish. I will strive on my own and for my own. I will appreciate the littlest things in my life. I will spread my wings and my fiery splendor shall delight my Creator alone.

It will be nearly impossible to bring me back. You would probably burn because I am the girl on fire. And fires are deadly when they burn in the open.






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