The Silent Partner

Yes, I have always been the kind of person who cares a lot about how she fared in every semester. I am very conscious and particular about my grades that it may be hard to believe that I was not or I did not originally intended to graduate Magna Cum Laude and Class Valedictorian. Yes, I did not. All I ever asked God was to help me to graduate with honors. My planner could attest to this. I  wrote on a particular day about two years ago that I wished to make my parents wear those cum laude parent ribbons. But God gave me more. A lot more than my wildest dreams could ever manage to envision. Yes, I used to kid within my mind about some valedictory speech but I never expected to deliver one someday. You see, I have never been part of the top students in all the graduations I had. And it is for this that I am very much thankful to Him! He raised me up. Thank you, My King! My life has always been in partnership with You! 😀



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