The Tale of a Superwoman

I used to believe that I am a superhero. You know, when I tell people that I am tired and weary, they almost always tell me that I can do it because I am strong, capable and witty enough to get it over with. But then I realized that while it takes courage to showcase a strong facade despite the adversities, it requires even more courage to admit that you get tired. Even the bravest soldiers seek refuge in moments of solitude. Someone told me I am not a superwoman and that I am welcome to feel tired, frustrated and scared and doing so would not make me less of a human. It dispelled all the illusions I tried to live up to but I was not offended. I was instead grateful because I needed someone to tell me just that. I actually felt like exerting some Herculean effort in bringing the overwhelming workload upon my shoulders but those words made me realize that it is okay not to be okay. It is so refreshing! I then realized that I can rest and give it up to a God whose shoulders are far mightier than mine. Thank you LORD!



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