The Potter’s Fingerprints

Retrieved from Silver Letters. Written last June 10, 2013.

Finding the traces of the maker in his creation is an arduous task. Pots end up with smooth surfaces, free from a fingerprint of the potter, actors do not necessarily bring the very identity of their scriptwriters and a painting does not necessarily show the brush strokes of its painter vividly. Likewise, a man’s life, God’s ultimate artwork, does not necessarily show His presence at all times.

The previous sentence may not be something a religious person can easily accept. But take your gaze away from your own reflection and look around you. What can you see? Do you really see Him in them? May be. May be not.

A lot of people chose to walk this life away from Him. Creations stray from their Maker in their own accord. They lead lives governed by deceit, anger, pride and envy. They regularly go to church but they go out no better than they were when they came in. Church has become an obligation, a duty, not the highest form of praise as it ought to be. The devout become sanctimonious. What happened to the Christians?

Well, to be honest, I used to be like those people. I go to church regularly so I view myself as a good Catholic. A sanctimonious one, actually. I felt superior to those ignorant of the Catholic doctrine. I had knowledge, I was great. Despite the teachings of the priests, my days were governed by fear and anxiety. I am the captain of my soul. My world is something I carry on my shoulders. God’s words are merely words to me. But God decreed that I should find the true meaning of His words in my life.

After moments of meditation and contemplation on His infinite greatness, I have come to see His hand leading my way. I finally concluded that coincidence is nonexistent. He is there. With such truth alone, I can say that I had a major leap in faith. His words guided me. And since I could clearly see this truth within me, I am confident that my faith has reached its maturity. No longer did I face a day with worry or fear for I know that He sends me to places, to situations for the best reasons. At the end of the day, I pray to Him with heartfelt gratitude. My prayers were made from the deepest trenches of my heart. His healing hands made me heal my long forgotten yet painful scars. I was able to forgive others. I was able to take my pride away and say sorry for a wrongdoing. I go to mass hearing every word from the priest as His words. And yes, my soul has become healthier and everyday He has given me the nourishment I need.

With all these changes within me, I could only thank Him for bringing me to places. He has chosen me for His own indeed. He changed my life. He changed my personality, my being and my soul. He taught me to trust in His grace. Most of all He hears my prayers. After revealing this truths to me, I can see Him everywhere. He is someone I can talk to anytime, at that favorite place I envisioned inside my heart. He is a close friend. I am His.

So it is true, a person’s life does not necessarily reflect God’s identity at all times. It is a matter of choice and God’s grace. For it is only through Him that we achieve fullness in faith. Being His does not guarantee a smooth ride on this earth. Just like a pot filled with the potter’s fingerprints, we can be rejected and ridiculed by a world striving hard for earthly perfection. But rejoice, because you are valuable in His sight. Your prayers are a sweet-smelling perfume in His throne and your heartfelt service to others brings a smile to His face. You are His. You are not meant to worry; you are destined for greatness.

And with this, dear reader. I invite you to pray for our generation. Pray for the preachers, pray for faith and healing and serve your fellow Christians. If you think you are already close to God, thank Him and pray for others to draw near to Him as well. If you think you are far away, read the bible, meditate and pray. Someday you will be able to hear His voice and in turn spread His love throughout the world.



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