Shout to the Lord

It was not really something I even looked forward to but everything made a three hundred and sixty degree turn when I let things go with His plan.

I never thought I could ever brace myself and find the courage to join the Youth Camp this year. I have been avoiding it for years already thinking that I will just end up as an awkward piece in the big jigsaw puzzle. But then, I did even though I was not really excited about it.

The first night started and ended with disappointments. I was too focused on the facilities, the cold, hard floor and the seemingly hot temperature. I was not able to get some sleep. Although I appreciated the first talk, I was not in the right mind to think deeply about it.

The second day started after a mere (probably) three-hour sleep and a half a buckle of water for bathing. I was seriously tired then. I wanted things to end. But despite these unnecessary concerns, I was able to endure the hot weather for eight long hours.

Everything changed when we were introduced to repentance, forgiveness and healing. I realized that I am a very unworthy and shameless sinner. I imagined being with GOD on a grassland and we were told to talk to Him so I did. But I just ended up crying because while I begged for forgiveness and regret ran through my entirety, Jesus was looking at me with that serene and sincere smile on His face. The peace I felt was overwhelming and I could never help but crush myself into His embrace and cry. I cried not because I was sad, rather, I cried because I was happy to be with Him.

I thought things were going to end there but it turned out that I was just at the starting point in my journey with Christ. I was really touched. My spiritual cup was filled to the brim when the Baptism began. I was just feeling God’s peace back then and I was able to fill it so much that my heart would burst. I realized that His love is never-ending, amazing and unconditional. Things I knew only by words, materialized into an exquisite joy within me. I am loved by the Almighty! He chose me! He chose me despite my unworthiness! May GOD be praised!



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