The Query

The question is: Am I happy or not?

I find it ironic to find myself singing, waking up feeling so rejuvenated, sporting nonchalance towards my overwhelming academic load and smiling in the moments of my reverie. I am happy! I really am but it is weird because I used to be the person who overthinks things. Do not get me wrong. It is not that I do not care about my studies at all, it is just that heavy as it is, I find it bearable. I am still amazed because I do!

Yes, I am inspired. I have been waiting for the day when I wake up finally eager to place my heart on the front lines. This is not much, I tell you. Just those little things which actually brings butterflies in your stomach over practically nothing. But, I am flattered because at least I existed. That I was not invisible. I can feel my arms, myself, my being and I am here! I am so happy to know that I exist! And believe me, this fact is at least enough to keep me sane despite the hell month  I am in. I am very much grateful to this new beginning. I owe this to the Big God above! Thank you, Papa God! Your ways are indeed wonderful! Thank you! 🙂 #Lex



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