2014 Voyage: Joie de Vivre

“In France we have a saying, ‘Joie de vivre,’ which actually doesn’t exist in the English language. It means looking at your life as something that is to be taken with great pleasure and enjoy it.” -Mireille Guiliano 

I have more than a thousand reasons to say that 2014 was a year well spent. And as I spend the last few hours of 2014 drumming my fingers against my netbook again which, by the way, is my preferred way of spending this momentous time, I am filled with so much gratitude that my heart could almost burst forth into a thousand different colors. Indeed, life is a gift to be enjoyed and my Mighty Father, my Creator and my Savior has (ref. Holy  Trinity) given me the experience to do the same! And because I would much prefer pointing out the highlights of this amazing voyage, so I would be very much glad and happy to figuratively take your hand as we retrace my footsteps.


I started the year with high expectations. Though I have never cried so hard after a contest in my life, God has given our JPIA Administration a blessing! We managed to become the champions in the two conventions during our administration and on top of that, I have been given the privilege to receive the revolving cup for the Academic Championship. I was the happiest Vice-President for Academics in that celebrity dome!

vp acad


It is the month of love! I spent it with good friends and family! I daresay that I had marvelous dates!



Another school year ended! I became very busy with my preparations for the CIMA Global Business Challenge and my on-the-job training application but who says one cannot have fun? I am thankful to be one of the students recognized as junior awardee in the commencement exercises.



My birth month! hihi. I went attending graduation celebrations.


Also, because it is also the season of lent, I spent most of my days in service to God even if sometimes it means not being able to sleep in order to decorate the easter sunday stage.



We got the results! We qualified for the national finals of the CIMA Global Business Challenge. 🙂



Hello Cinq Solutions! First-runner up in the CIMA Global Business Challenge – Philippines. Winning the best speaker award is a bonus! And I also saw Matt Evans in person. haha.



It is the time for the Accountancy Week again! Ariva wins championship for two years  in a row! I am so happy to say that our team won the championship in the Chain Storytelling Competition!



Ariva says hello to Cebu!



Great memories for my last Mid year Convention as a JPIAn! It was a fourth place all-kill but I had fun with a hampaslupa bonding with my batchmates at VIP hotel! I was also privileged to be among the select students to attend the 11th Citi Junior Bankers Congress.




We celebrated the birthday of our dear friend, Janissa. It was great to see those old faces again. 🙂



Enrolled for my last semester in the undergrad. This is thirty units in disguise mind you.



We are happy! Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Hooray for the memories!

fambamI wish to enjoy 2015 as it will be life-changing! To God be the glory! Hello 2015!



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