A Dreamless Sleep

I really do not have any idea what did it. All I know was that I started this day like I would any other day. I really had no idea that this day go down the drain as it progresses.

It is just that I kind of flunked my audit quiz just because our professor gave us exams which is basically “below-the-belt,” that is, what actually came out was on an entirely different planet from what we were told to study so I could only guess (and I have never been good at guessing, by the way.) Okay, point taken. There is no use dwelling upon such miserable circumstance.

And so I had lunch like nothing happened. Little did I know that the day would just go down the drain as the afternoon goes by. Our research professor was turning down every damn topic we could ever think of and while we were on the verge of actually trying to make sense of one, she goes off and suggests an entirely different topic! What the deuce was she up to, anyway? I really do not know what pissed me off. I should probably just be happy that we finally landed on a topic but I just cannot get my finger off the fact that we all looked stupid defending our mediocre topics. Ugh. I was so frustrated I had to control myself from incessantly chewing on my fingertips as I watched the french art movie for my humanities class.

Why do people wish to have a lot to say about things which are entirely out of their ¬†businesses? I am so tired of everything and I could honestly appreciate long hours of solitude. I already have a lot to think of by myself even if the rest of the world might think that I over think. Does that even make sense? Anyway, I am already at the verge of crying for the aforementioned and I know that this must be trivial to the the people who see themselves blessed with something rare that I do not possess – common sense – but I am not in the mood to care so to hell be with prejudices. I have already abandoned my study plans for the night just to free my thoughts and here I am angrily drumming my fingers on my netbook. Ugh. This pisses me off. But…

But well, bad days are bad days and I abhor to carry the bad vibes up until tomorrow. So I guess I will just sleep this off. Good night. Wish me a dreamless sleep, would you.



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