A Reasonable Assurance

My previous competitions made me realize, however, that there is a great deal of uncertainty in everything and as much as possible, I have always mitigated such by extreme preparations. But alas, the turn of events somehow proved that much like inherent limitations in internal control structures, uncertainties can never really be quantified or studied exhaustively so as to lessen the risk of failure.

I have long since braced myself for the diagnostic exams and for the past four years I have anchored my goal upon remembering enough, studying enough and nailing a good score in my diagnostics owing upon the fact that it shall consist a whooping fifty-percent of my Special Topics and updates courses. But you see, life cannot give full justice upon its definition if challenges do not come like a thief in the night. And there you have it, before I even had the chance to condition my mind, body and soul for the hellish semester to come, I was already burdened by two diagnostic exams the coverage of which must be studied within a week. A week. How can you possibly compress two board exam subjects in a week? I felt betrayed naturally. This was unexpected and I could only wish my brain cells were given more time to recuperate from last semester’s demise. But time could not permit that. And just like what I have done in the previous activities in line with my academic pursuit, I am now simply accepting the fact that I am human so I cannot definitely study everything. I get tired, impatient and dizzy over all the words and numbers. I already wreaked havoc in my brain for making it work it beyond its limitations. I may be weak in your judgment as of the moment, but it is not like I have much choice either. And yes, through this I believe that my exposure to uncertainties could be magnified significantly but I can only be confident that I have Him, the God of surprises,the Infinite, the Almighty and the Immortal! It is in Him that I offer all my worries. He holds my world in His hands anyway. As of the moment, you could only presume, gentle reader, that I am trying to do what is best out of my limited capabilities. I am a business student after all and I am very much informed on the matters involving scarcity of resources (brain juice for this matter.) Also, I have always been taught to apply safeguards to minimize the risks involved. Let us now obtain reasonable assurance over the matter shall we? Ikou!



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