I admit that I was really disappointed about how my September Academic Events went. What happened was a sweeping Fourth Place all-kill! I really tried to tame my feelings but doing so was next to impossible when the rest of the world tells you how you could have end up second or first. *sigh*

Anyway, I still believe that God has a purpose for everything and the main reason why I am finally able to write about these things is that; after a few days of going over the things that happened with regret, I am now seeing things in a  brighter perspective. Hmmm, like at least I landed a spot in the top five despite not being able to study? Yeah, sort of. I still am happy and blessed I ended up this way because it could have been worse. And yes, I admit that I also have issues about accepting defeat because I have never fully mastered the art of exposing my emotions to such roller coaster ride and end up on the losing side. Trust me: I am working on it. 🙂

At least I can say that Ariana Grande was wrong when she sang that “Almost is Never Enough”. Perhaps it is, because at least I was almost there. I am still thankful to the people who has been praying that I would not top the eliminations because I might get pressured in the final round. Really guys, I am so touched but I am kind of happy I did. (Coming first in the eliminations made me feel better. HAHA! #hampaslupa) To my batchmates who have always been worrying about me whenever I freak out in competitions, thank you and I love you all! To my parents and siblings who have immediately texted me that they are still proud of me despite my being a fourth placer, all my efforts are for you! And to my God who has never left my side, forgive me for trying to encapsulate the enormity of Your love in tangible awards, everything that I have is for You! 🙂

I will try to push my luck in the light of my coming competitions. Congratulations MSU-IIT JPIA, the champions in substance! 🙂




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