Cut Your Teeth

Well, uhm…this does not in any way imply that I hate audit. I loved the subject. Really.

It’s just that, well, it is not everyday that you wake up dreading the few rays of sunshine tickling your eyelids open. That was precisely how I felt this morning.

I could still remember being so happy from the week-long trip when I went to my classes this Monday. I kind of sensed that exams will come popping out of nowhere this week but my teachers cannot really be that harsh, can they? I tried to hold onto such illusion, at least, until our Audit Problems teacher broke the spell. A quiz on Wednesday, she said. Inventories and Investments. Two chapters in the guise of an embedded derivative (excuse my use of the accounting terms, I just took an investments exam) which, if bifurcated willfully, will be composed of at least half of my financial accounting one book. And in case you haven’t heard, such book was occupying the most space in my shelf.

The instant I went home and pondered upon the enormity of the burden upon my shoulder, I felt panic penetrate my thoughts. I felt like crying because I was still in the dark about my last audit quiz. Our teacher made it clear that only a handful passed and the highest score was just five points above the passing mark. Do I still get to hope here? So, I kind of flooded my twitter with my frustrations and fears and some little thoughts to cheer me up.

After that, I started studying. And as usual I failed to finish everything. I could only crack my knuckles in anxiety this morning. I was fighting a losing battle, more or less. But I cannot dwell upon such misery, can I? So, I pulled myself together and lifted it all up to Him. I gathered all the courage I could muster to calm my brain and process the information which shall be laid before me. Unexpectedly, the quiz turned up okay. I kind of messed up in the theory part but the multiple choice questions were at least bearable.

Bottom line: I think I just should keep calm at times. A little anxiety could help to pressure myself but perhaps not to the extent that would bring me to actually dread mornings. I should really practice the habit of starting my day well. Well, I guess I could be thankful for this experience. I could never have these realizations had I not cut my teeth on seemingly impossible tasks. Thank God! 🙂



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