I never really enjoyed computing for the Net Present Value in my Financial Management Courses. Cash flows, tax savings and depreciation make the whole thing bizarre. Anyway, a thought just popped out relative to NPV so I am writing about it. *duh*

I have always been the kind of person who wears my heart on my sleeves when I write, talk or even breathe. I trust other people easily. I could be likened to that reckless, agressive and uncritical financial investor when it comes to choosing people upon which I invest my feelings in. When my “investments” do not prove to profitable as evidenced by betrayal or indifference, which has usually been the case, I end up on the losing side grieving over the whole thing. I meant this concept not just for the romatic kind but also for the love I give to everyone around me. It’s just that perhaps, a whooping forty percent of my portfolio prove to be unprofitable. Majority of this percentage are junk bonds upon which I still continue to invest in. Is that even right? Am I really that patient and forgiving when it comes to people? Well, I could only get comforted by what the virtuous people always say: you must give love without expecting anything in return. The business student in me asserts that it should not be the case when it comes to “investing” my love to other people but perhaps business principles could never define something as vague as love.

Well, the bottomline is: I am losing on my investments but I keep on investing anyway, so I give more than I receive and if that is the way it should really be then I am more than happy to lose and give love until it hurts. I am not sure I could live up to that happiness everyday though.



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