Dear you,

I am now almost questioning your very existence. *drumrolls* And it’s probably because I am already twenty and my sisters are teasing me about getting married six or seven years from now and my current priorities are my dreams and there’s nothing (sorry for this) at all about finding you first. But I have always been an independent kid. I seldom need the company of people to get my tasks done. I am just goal-oriented. I am fueled by my desires to make my dreams come true, as cliche as all of these may sound. But hey, having a hand to hold for my lifetime ahead would be a great great gift for someone like me. I don’t wish to FIND you like some lost treasure for I know I’d just get tired. I trust that fate will bring us together, if you exist. (see the uncertainty in that. But my being able to accept the possibility of living the rest of my life with someone is actually a great achievement. I used to think and prefer that I’d live alone. haha. cheers to my immature thoughts.)

Well, I don’t know if I had met you. If I did, I’d probably want to apologize for the way I treat the general populace of my friends. HAHA. I am usually moody and full of drama, so almost everyone got a fair share of that side of me. If I haven’t, then accept this apology in advance. But here are a few things I just want to let you know:

1. I am not expressive but when the time comes and I am given a reasonable assurance, I’ll try to be.

2. No common endearments like honey, darling, baby or the likes please. My first name will do. What if you always call your string of girlfriends “baby” and I’ll be like the “last baby” or something. That would be REALLY weird. This is subject to further agreement between the contracting parties. LOL.

3. My sisters tell me that I LOOK like some genius, but I am not. I LOOK unapproachable, but I really am. Please bear with that. HAHA.

4. I am so moody. Especially when I am nearing my bloody hell days.

5. I eat a lot. I am never concerned about undertaking a diet as of the moment.

6. I hate being told about what I should do.

7. I seldom cry over trivial matters so I’d really appreciate having someone comfort me instead of receiving a lecture on how trivial the matter  is, yada, yada.

8. I have a weird taste when it comes to music and I hold concerts at home.

9. I am not really  very “kikay” when it comes to my attire. T-shirt, pants and sneakers would be my preference in the ordinary course of my existence but if I become a part of the corporate and legal  world someday, I’ll dress accordingly.

10. I write. A lot.

11. I cook. Level: Just enough to not let any consumer be hospitalized for food poisoning and  indigestion. hahaha.

12. I read books. I hope you do too! :))) #TeamBookworm

13. I prefer royal blue. So you don’t really have a say in the color themes for our wedding. Sorry for that part.

14. If we have sons, I name them. If daughters, you name them. I guess that’s fair enough.

15. I wish we could be active in Couples for Christ. It’s a religious organization I grew up to know. My parents are active members and I wish we could be too.

CHAR. Talk about the future.

But before all of these things happen, I wish I could achieve my dreams. I want to be a lawyer and a master’s degree holder for business. Also, there are a lot of responsibilities I choose to fill as an eldest child. But I really hope to meet you soon someday. I guess that’s it for now. I still have to be responsible for our consultancy firm, Cinq Solutions. Until the next time I think about the mysterious person you really are. Au revoir! ^_^


#SoNotMe #HAHA #Practicality



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