I woke up when the blue sky hid behind an immense veil of grey. I was confined in a cell of irregular bars, twisted on all directions. The pattern was indecipherable. I wished it was just another bad dream but when I laid my eyes upon the entire web of bars and the immense number of people imprisoned therein, I knew it was a big dose of reality.

The bars were as wide as my palm and as I tried to reach it, I realized that despite being held captive in an awry state, my hands and feet were also bound by shackles. I writhed in pain. The bars clearly reflected the twisted and pained expression I wore. I was in a miserable nest of mirrored fibers intricately woven to make any passing moment unbearable.

I squinted to take a look at the people surrounding me and they were all essentially in the same exact state as I am. It was impossible to convey my thoughts through. Each captive was poisoned – drugged – to confine themselves to their own misery. I wondered if someone found the antidote within our limited state as I reckoned that it has to be somewhere within our cells. Perhaps one has to toil to find it but the task was never impossible. I tried to close my eyes and think. When I opened my eyes, tears slid down my cheeks. Of course the antidote was within ourselves, myself. In our various state of imprisonment, putting it somewhere beyond our boundaries would be impossible. I knew that the antidote coexists with the poison just as the latter coexists with the elixir that keeps me alive. It has to be sought but looking at the aggrieved state of the captive populace would be self-serving. It is within. It is a state of mind. It is the antidote which vests in itself a promise of freedom.


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